Man vs Machine


Spend your time on your business.


Let our automated system do your online marketing.

 Self-learning and self-optimising, powered by Artificial Intelligence.


Smart Autopilot will create your ads and target the right audience.

On Autopilot. Around the clock. Smart.


Collecting data

Smart Autopilot constantly gathers data from internet and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Google as well as commercial data bases.

Data processing

Our system analyses collected data around the clock in order to find the audience you need to reach with your marketing message.

custom audience

The system identifies behavioural and demographic attributes of your customers to make it easier to build relationships, communicate and promote your business

Facebook API

Smart Autopilot is neither a workaround nor a hack. We use an official Facebook API for our app. Thanks to API multiple applications can obtain data and interact with each other.

API lets us streamline your marketing on various social media channels. It allows our system to schedule and automatically publish your advertising campaigns. There is no need for your direct involvement but it keeps you in full control.

How does it work?

Smart Autopilot analyses and computes over 70 000 parameters about each person in order to target your adverts only to the right customer.
It creates a unique custom audience group that is customised for each product or service.
Once it’s done the system plans and sets up laser targeted marketing campaigns. The adverts are displayed at the right time and for the right customer at the lowest possible cost.

Why Smart Autopilot Marketing?

It is the best way to display your adverts to the people who will actually react to them. You don’t need to know the Social Media but you certainly need them in your business. That is where our Smart Autopilot app comes with its capabilities. This system works without a break. It is never late, never takes a day off. There are no sick days, no temper tantrum. Finally you can concentrate on your business and  let Smart Autopilot do the marketing. 


Smart autopilot automatically places and optimises ads so you don’t have to spend time trying to figure out marketing strategies, decrypt target markets, or optimise your Ad campaign budget. The app does it all for you.


Eliminate all the hassle and learning curve of regular, manual marketing strategies. Just leave it to our Artificial Intelligence based system. Enjoy an increased revenue and  customer satisfaction.


Our goal was to create a solution  affordable for every business owner. Prices start from only £3 a day. In order to get a personalised offer please use the contact form below to get in touch. 

Easy but powerful

Takes no more than 5 minutes to create the content and make an Ad campaign. It’s immediately online,  targeting  right customers for your business. Ads can be displayed nationwide or exclusively to local customers.

Automatic cost analysis

Not only Smart Autopilot picks the best audience for your marketing it also optimises each campaign’s cost so your conversion and return on investment is the best. Why would you pay more for the same results? Avoid ‘peak’ hours when advertising is the most expensive and least effective. Do not loose your sleep trying to outsmart the Big boys. Smart Autopilot will do the job for you.
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